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Warehouse Shelf Barcode Sign

Reflective, Barcode & Variable Data

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Warehouse Shelf Barcode Sign small

Warehouse Shelf Barcode Sign

  • Large size-easy to read from a distance
  • Human and barcode readble data
  • Black characters on white reflective background, enhances read range
  • Aluminum construction for long-term durability

Increase productivity in your warehouse with this large, white metal, retroreflective barcode sign. This extra-large sign is designed to be hung from a shelf and easily read from ground level with a barcode reader. The sign also has a large human readable label as an identification backup. Made from formed aluminum, the sign can be securely attached to the product shelf with screws through four holes.

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Warehouse, Barcode Labeling


White Aluminum Warehouse Sign

Thickness 0.020 inch
Size 10 x 12 inches
Expected Durability 10 - 30 years
Service Temperature range -40º F to 185º F
Water Resistance Excellent
Solvents Resistance Very Good
UV Resistance Good
Abrasion Resistance Good
Size 4 x 10 inches
Label Material Retroreflective
Laminate .001" ultraclear polyester
Size 2.5 x 10 inches
Label Material .002" white polyester
Laminate .001" clear polyester

Sign is formed with two bends and square corners.  Custom sizes and shapes are available.



Attachment method using screws

Shelf Life

Stored at 70°F/50% Relative Humidity

Completely stable


Warehouse Shelf Barcode Sign Design

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