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Hi-Fricktion Street Graphics

Waterproof, Abrasion Resistant, Custom Designs Available, Safety

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Hi-Fricktion™ Street Graphics

Designed to significantly reduce the likelihood of slips and falls on street-mounted finish lines, banners, signs or ads the removable Hi-Fricktion Street Graphics are brightly colored, anti-skid and low-profile. The unique sandpaper-like surface is embedded with irregular-shaped durable particles that provide traction as runners or walkers step across it.  A special butyl-based adhesive designed for parking lots, streets or sidewalk surfaces ensures a strong bond during use but enables removal afterwards.

These bright, four-color, photo-quality pavement signs are absolutely eye-catching and perfect for race finish lines, advertising, parades and other events.  Produced as large rectangles, the graphics can be pieced together on site to achieve any size. 

Used for the Chicago Marathon finish line since 2007 -- with NO SLIPS!


  • Top coating has custom non-skid particles
  • Colorful, photo-quality, street graphics
  • Peel-and-stick backing for easy application on asphalt or concrete
  • Assemble tiles on site to build any size graphic


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Outdoor Use, Ground Level Marking


Creates a world-class marathon finish line or one appropriate for a local 5K

Sizes: Custom
Thickness with topcoat & adhesive: .064 inches
Expected Outdoor Durability: 45 days after installation
Service Temperature Range: All temperatures
Color: White with custom design
Ink Colors: Custom
Water Resistance: Excellent
Solvents Resistance: Excellent
UV Resistance: Excellent
Abrasion Resistance: Excellent

Anti-slip particles embedded in top layer create minimum skid resistance value of 45 BPN when tested according to ASTM E 303


Easy peel-and-stick application

Application Range: 60°F and above
Adhesive: Pressure sensitive
Color: Gray
Adhesive Type: Butyl-based

Primer needed if application temperature is below 50° F

Shelf Life

Completely Stable


Hi-Fricktion Street Graphics Design

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