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Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve

Waterproof, High Visibility, UV Stable, Custom Printed & Programmed, Custom Designs Available, Safety

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Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve small Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve small Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve small

Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve


  • Create an instant warning sign
  • Quickly slip on and off cones
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Bright lime-green color distinguishes from orange traffic cones
  • UV resistant and outdoor durable


Quickly turn a traffic cone into a temporary warning sign


The public sees an orange cone and automatically assumes it's a traffic sign. Now you can get your message clearly conveyed because this full-size sleeve transforms a standard traffic cone into a highly visible electrical safety sign. Sleeve guides pedestrians away from potentially hazardous work areas, such as an energized vehicles or overhead work.


Versatile and extremely portable


Fits both slim and wide cones. Use this waterproof sleeve anywhere. When done, just remove the sleeve and take it to the next work site, or store away neatly. Space-saving design folds easily to occupy minimal storage space.


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Safety & Compliance, Outdoor Use, Construction, Critical Warning and Safety, Ground Level Marking


Outdoor Durable Vinyl

Fits standard 28" traffic cones. Custom sizes available.


Colors White, Lime-Green, Custom
Water Resistance Very Good
Solvent Resistance Good
Abrasion Resistance Good


Custom Messages Available


Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve Design

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