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Safety Products

Safety Products Brochure
Safety Product Brochure

William Frick customers are leaders in their industries for service and safety. That means we have to be, too! We offer a full range of products to help keep you, your workers and the public safe.

As one of the world's leading labeling, identification and graphics firms, we're experts at helping you manage risks by clearly conveying your message. We'll work quickly to provide tailored solutions that help you inspect, warn and protect.

Rugged, Durable and Built-to-Last!
Tested and ready to withstand the worst possible conditions, our signs, tags, markers, labels and other products can be built with a wide variety of materials for maximum service life.

Whether you need to simply identify a utility pole, label an electrical equipment, warn the public about a hazardous situation, or verify inspection of your assets, Frick's durable products help you get it right.

If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, don't worry! We specialize in custom signs, labels, decals, tags, markers and other materials that clearly identify assets and reduce the risk of accidents.

Contact us today about your safety challenges at (847) 918-3700.

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Safety Products

ANSI Z535 NEMA Safety Warning Labels130
ANSI Z535 NEMA Safety Warning Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0030

WFS-ES-0009 Grounds and Safety Flags
Grounds and Safety Flags

SKU: WFS-ES-0009

ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Hazard Signs130
ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Hazard Signs

SKU: WFS-ES-0016

Lockout Tags, Assortment
Lock-Out Tags

SKU: WFS-ES-0025

Hard Hat Emergency Labels
Hard Hat Emergency Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0029

WFS-ES-0032 Blind Spot Domed Labels
Safety Reminder Triple-Check Domed Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0032

WFS-ES-0024 Safety Pocket Cards
Safety Pocket Cards

SKU: WFS-ES-0024

WFS-ES-0038 JoistMate Attic Platform
JoistMate Attic Safety Platform

SKU: WFS-ES-0038

WFS-ES-0039 Boom Raised Flag
Boom Raised Flag

SKU: WFS-ES-0039

WFS-ES-0040 Portable Warning Signs
Portable Warning Sign

SKU: WFS-ES-0040

WFS-ES-0026 Marking Flags
Marking Flags

SKU: WFS-ES-0026

Safety Posters | WFS-ES-0022
Safety Posters

SKU: WFS-ES-0022

Child ID Card
Child ID Card

SKU: WFS-ES-0045

Bend Radius Tool
Bend Radius Tool

SKU: WFS-ES-0047

WFS-OS-0029 Hi-Fricktion Street Graphic
Hi-Fricktion Street Graphics

SKU: WFS-OS-0029

Green cone sleeve
Cone Sleeves


Workzone kit
Work Zone Safety Kit


Cone Sleeve with Connector
Flexible Sidewalk Barrier

SKU: WFS-ES-0057

Long Cone Sleeve
Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve

SKU: WFS-ES-0056

Utility Pole Wrap with Velcro Attachment
Velcro Utility Pole Wrap

SKU: WFS-ES-0059

User Wiki

Our Service Trucks Are Equipped With a Variety of Safety Products, February 21 2011

By: Tracy

When one of our service trucks arrives on a job site, we know that our technicians are well equipped to perform their work safely. Each of our trucks carries a variety of safety products so we are ready for almost any situation.

Many of our jobs require work in attics and similar spaces, so each of our trucks carries a William Frick JoistMate attic safety platform so our techs can move around safely. We've never actually had someone fall through the attic but have heard stories. With these sturdy platforms we're more confident that our technicians have the tools they need to perform their work safely.

Safety Products Reduce Lost-Time Injuries, February 21 2011

By: Frank

Safety is the primary concern in our production facilities. We noticed a significant decrease in lost-time injuries after we started having frequent safety meetings and devoted more attention to using proper safety warnings throughout our plant. We can almost always find the safety labels and safety signs we need in stock at William Frick. If they don't have it, they can usually do a custom order for us in a very short time.

Safety posters are a valuable tool for educating our employees and keeping them aware of potential hazards. We use a portable warning sign any time there is an unusual situation inside the plant, such as wet floors or hazards caused by equipment failures or site construction. Even simple measures like safety stickers reminding employees to wash their hands before handling food make a difference in our workers' health and safety.

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