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Vibration Dampening Pad Label

Precision Cut Shapes, Versatile Attachment

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Vibration Dampening Pad Label small

Vibration Dampening Pad Label

  • Fast and accurate installation
  • Water, oil, and UV resistant
  • Precision cut shapes
  • Versatile attachment

This label is for applications where one or more vibration-dampening pads or spacers are needed. Each of the pre-spaced pads is cut to shape and precisely placed on a pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed label for fast and accurate installation. A variety of dampening materials and label stocks can be combined to meet varying application requirements.

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Vibration Dampening or Resistance, Electronic Equipment & Devices, Insulators


Polyester Base with Polyurethane Pads

Specs Polyester Polyurethane
Overall Thickness: 2.0 mils ± 10% 60.0 mils ± 10%
Shore A Hardness: n/a 70
Resilience: n/a 28% - 34%
Dielectric strength (ASTM-D-1000): n/a 200
Water Resistance: Excellent Excellent
Oil Resistance: Excellent Excellent
Solvents Resistance: Excellent Fair
UV Resistance: Very Good Very Good
Abrasion Resistance: Good Very Good

The label stock and surface-mounted materials can be changed to construct labels with different properties and thicknesses.


Adhesive Type

Specs Polyester Polyurethane
Overall Thickness: 1.0 mils ± 10% 60.0 mils ± 10%
Type: Permanent Acrylic Natural Rubber
Application Temp: -40º F - 300 º F -30º F - 150º F
Adhesion to Steel at 72 hr. dwell: Excellent Very Good
Adhesion to Glass at 72 hr. dwell: Very Good Very Good
Adhesion to LSE plastics: Fair Very Good
Adhesion HSE plastics: Very Good Very Good

Shelf Life

Stored at 70 º F/50% Relative Humidity

18 Months


Vibration Dampening Pad Label Design

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