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Flame Retardant Insulators

Precision Cut Shapes, Custom Printed & Programmed, RoHS Compliant

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Flame Retardant Insulators small

Flame Retardant Insulators

  • RoHS compliant
  • Die cut for flat or 3-D shaped designs
  • Multiple thicknesses available
  • Custom printed and programmed

Versatile and cost-effective, low-density flame retardant polypropylene provides many options for insulator and gasket design. Commonly used in the electronics manufacturing industry, the material is easy to work with and can be die-cut for flat or 3D shaped designs.

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Packaging Labels, Electronic Equipment & Devices, Insulators


Flame Resistant Polypropylene

Color   Black Black Black
Thickness   10 mils (0.25mm) 17 mils (0.43mm) 30 mils (0.75mm)
Flammability UL94 VTM-0 V-0 V-0
Water Absorption-% ASTM D-570 0.075 0.075 0.075
Heat deflection Temperature ºC ASTM D-648 110 110 110
Dielectric breakdowns-Volts ASTM D-149 20000 22000 29000
Volume resistivity- (ohm) cm ASTM D-257 >1012 >1012 >1012
Dielectric constant ASTM D-150 2.50 2.53 2.59
Dissipation Factor ASTM D-150 .005 .005 .005
HAI (High Current Arc Ignition)-Arcs to Ignite UL 746A 9 28 98
HVTR (High Voltage Arc Tracking Rate)-in/min UL 746A 0 0 0
HWI (Hot Wire Ignition)-Seconds UL 746A 8 10 13
CTI (Comparative Tracking Index)-Volts ASTM D3638 600 600 600

Shelf Life

Stored at 70F / 50% Relative Humidity

2 years


Flame Retardant Insulators Design

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