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Overlays & Die Cut Components

William Frick & Company specializes in precision die-cut components for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our team has the versatility and experience needed to convert adhesive labels, thin films, filter media, rigid and flexible plastics. We have an in-house graphics department that can assist you with the most attractive designs for all your demanding die cut component needs.

Large Selection of Materials

William Frick & Company carries hundreds of materials including: flame retardant polypropylene, Lexan™, PTFE, filter media, specialty cellular and solid elastomers, and many other materials. Our capabilities include multi-step RFID tags, specialty adhesive backed sponges, thin and thick cuts of anything from sponges to steel.

Overlays: Frick’s Lexan® overlays can either be digitally or screen printed and customized in size, shape and color. Both front panel overlays and control panel overlays can be easily created with clear windows and embossed buttons.

Thermal Interface Pads: Thermal insulating and conductive pads die cut to your specifications. They can be made from soft gel providing excellent electrical insulation and thermal dissipation. Our materials function over a wide temperature range and come in a variety of thicknesses.

Insulators and Shields: Constructed from materials, adhesives and inks specially selected for their dielectric properties along with flame and chemical resistant qualities.

Precision and Speed

Our in-house print shop can construct, print, and cut components to the most precise specifications. They also can quickly produce custom prototypes and fast runs for your needs.

Expert Recommendations

William Frick & Company offers nearly 40 years experience in converting and die cutting. Whether its custom control panel overlay printing or a flame retardant insulator, our staff will be able to recommend the right product for your job. We have the experience necessary to apply a multitude of adhesive systems, and the ability to offer special packaging, kits, and custom solutions for all of your die cut needs. Our knowledge of existing, new and pending materials, adhesives and inks, combined with an intimate understanding of your unique environment and requirements enables William Frick & Company to accurately assess and make recommendations that will best address your situation.

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Overlays & Die Cut Components

User Wiki

Custom Die Cut Components Make Our Business Possible, February 21 2011

By: Tracy

We run a custom electronics shop building specialized equipment for our customers that they cannot find anywhere else. Because most of our orders involve unique designs and small production runs, we often need small lots of oddly shaped custom components to meet our customers' demands.

William Frick has always been able to supply us with custom cuts and custom components in a variety of materials depending upon our needs. With their ability to produce customizable die cut components using whatever materials and adhesives we specify, we are always able to meet or exceed our customers' specifications.

Custom Die Cut Components Help Speed Up Product Modifications, February 21 2011

By: Frank

Our business requires frequent changes in our basic product model to keep up with advancing technology and to provide annual changes in appearance. We rely on William Frick to provide us with fast prototype die cut components as we go through design changes.

Our products require custom components such as screen printed control panel overlays and die cut flame retardant insulators. When we work with Frick's design team to modify our die cut components we always get what we need in a timely manner so that the new parts fit the new product model and we don't lose any down-time waiting for custom parts.

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