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VIP-Four Color Process Printing

Custom Printed & Programmed, Custom Designs Available, Attractive Product ID, Food & Drugs

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VIP-Four Color Process Printing small

VIP-Four Color Process Printing


  • Print Method: Color Inkjet
  • Media Type: Roll or Fanfold Formats
  • Print Resolution: up to 4800 x 1200 optimized DPI
  • Prints Full Bleed For a Professional Quality Finish


This highly vibrant color printed label is suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring labels to naturally showcase a product's identity, company logo and message by using high resolution pictures and colors. Ideal for companies that manage a multitude of product's SKUs or services. These labels can be applied for apparel, gourmet foods, other consumer goods, plumbing and building goods, electrical and electronic components. Other uses can include promotional programs, safety and warning messages to include pertinent information such as expiration dates, size, make or model identification. Customizable in different sizes.




This four-color process drop-on-demand thermal inkjet printed gloss white polyester film label uses an advanced and proven inkjet technology from Hewlett Packard and has a permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive with high initial tack and ultimate adhesion.


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Identification Labeling, High Value Asset Labeling, Barcode Labeling, Product Labels & Promotional Labels, Packaging Labels


Ink Jet Receptive Coated Gloss White / Polyester Adhesive Backed Film

Film Thickness 2.0 mil
Linear Thickness 50# C1S (3.0mil)
Service Temperature on Stainless Steel -20ºF to 185ºF
Available Colors Gloss White, Individual CMYK HP ink cartridges: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
Water Resistance Excellent
Solvent Resistance Fair
Abrasion Resistance Good



Customizable in different sizes and colors



Type Acrylic
Minimum Application Temperature 35ºF
Thickness 1.8mil
Adhesion to Stainless Steel Excellent
Adhesion to Glass Excellent
Adhesion to LSE Plastics Fair
Adhesion to HSE Plastics Very Good

Shelf Life

72ºF / 50% Relative Humidity

2 years


VIP-Four Color Process Printing Design

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