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UL Recognized Printing Materials

Chemical & Solvent Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Barcode & Variable Data, UL, CSA, CE Agency Approved, Custom Designs Available, Fast Prototypes, RoHS Compliant, Harsh Environment

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UL Recognized Printing Materials


  • Print labels with UL recognized materials
  • Withstand moderate to harsh environments
  • Versatile material combinations available
  • Low to moderate print volumes


UL, CSA and CE agency approved indoor/outdoor labels are available in a variety of materials, colors, printing processes and formats to meet your application's compliance requirements.


Durable and high performing, these white or silver polyester labels are resistant to moisture, oil, solvents, abrasions and sunlight. With their glossy topcoat, they offer excellent clarity and readability. Our staff is knowledgeable about UL standards and can recommend the best inks, materials, printing processes and thermal-transfer ribbons to ensure your labels comply with application requirements. They also can assist you in obtaining new approvals should your application require this.


Frick rigorously tests the labels it produces to ensure they meet or exceed the standards set by the Canadian Underwriter's Laboratories (CUL), American Canadian Gas Associations (AGA/CGA), and Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

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Safety & Compliance, Metal Mount, Heavy Machinery, Barcode Labeling, Electronic Equipment & Devices, Medical Equipment, Appliance Labeling, Power Tools Tracking


Clear or Bright Silver UL Approved Film with Overlaminate

Overall Thickness 4.0 mil ± 10%
Expected Outdoor Life 3 - 5 year
Service Temperature range -40º F to 350º F
Minimum Application Temperature 50º F
Water Resistance Excellent
Oil Resistance Excellent
Solvents Resistance Good
UV Resistance Very Good
Abrasion Resistance Very Good


White or silver polyester film for high legibility. UL approved 2.0 mil clear overlaminate.


WF23 All Purpose Adhesive

Type Acrylic
Thickness 0.8 to 0.9 mil
Adhesion to Steel at 72 hr. dwell Excellent
Adhesion to Glass at 72 hr. dwell Good
Adhesion to LSE plastics Poor
Adhesion to HSE plastics Good

Moderate-tack adhesive with good performance on a wide range of surfaces.

Shelf Life

Stored at 70°F/50% Relative Humidity

2 years


UL Recognized Printing Materials Design

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