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Tamper Evident RFID Label

Barcode & Variable Data, RFID Product, Custom Designs Available, Tamper-Evident, RFID Labels

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Tamper Evident RFID Label small Tamper Evident RFID Label small

Tamper Evident RFID Label


  • RFID for unique data tagging
  • Quick inspection: Irreversible color change leaving an obvious footprint of tampering.
  • Available Pre-Printed & Encoded or Blank
  • Optional serialization with barcodes
  • Customize color, color-fractures, size and message.


Security Labels


Locate and identify sensitive documents, folders and envelopes. In addition to all the benefits of RFID, this label provides immediate detection of obvious tampering. This cost-effective polyester film has a pressure-sensitive adhesive and printed pigment that irreversibly separates into two colors upon attempted removal. Customers can specify colors (i.e., purple into blue & red, green into blue & yellow) and size. Suitable for a wide variety of low energy surfaces.


Trackable Security Seal


This RFID-enabled film seals and deters anyone from tampering or opening sensitive materials or items. Upon tampering, the film splinters and fractures into two distinct colors with one color affixed to the source.

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Safety & Compliance, Identification Labeling, Tamper Evident Seals, Security, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Counterfeit, Document Security


Tamper Evident Film

Material Description Tamper Evident Film
Tag Type Passive Read/Write
Film Thickness 1.5 mil
Available Colors Purple or Green
Water Resistance Fair
Solvent Resistance Fair
Abrasion Resistance Fair


Custom graphics or designs available

RFID Performance


Customizable with various inlays and size


RFID Protocol EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Operating frequency: 860–960 MHz (Global)
Antenna size 93 x 5mm / 3.7 x 0.2inch
EPC memory 128 bit
Operating Temperature -40°F-185°F (-40°C to 85°C)




Tamper Evident RFID Label Adhesive


Minimum Application Temperature 32°F
Thickness 1 mil
Adhesion to Glass at 72 hr. dwell Excellent
Adhesion to LSE plastics Fair
Adhesion to HSE plastics Very Good


Low temperature adhesive

Shelf Life

Stored at 72ºF / 50% Relative Humidity

2 years


Tamper Evident RFID Label Design

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