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Protective Bumpers

Abrasion Resistant, Precision Cut Shapes

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Protective Bumpers small

Abrasion Resistant Labels

  • Transparent; universal color match
  • Custom die cut to many shapes and sizes
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Vibration and shock dampening

This clear resilient polyurethane product will protect surfaces from abrasion, impact or vibration. Precision die cut shapes can be used on glass; as spacers for doors; on drawers and lids; for skid-resistant feet; or for corner protective strips.


Suitable for use on a wide variety of metals, glass, many high surface energy plastics, and some paints & coatings. It is intended for interior use where resilience and other physical properties remain unchanged. When exposed to UV light for extended periods, some discoloration may occur. It may be used outdoors in a protected area with some discoloration possible; however the label will not crack or harden. It will not lose its protective properties under outdoor exposure.


This clear resilient polyurethane sheet product has an aggressive acrylic based pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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Vibration Dampening or Resistance, Toys


Abrasion and Vibration Resistant Labels

Thickness 31 mil (62 mil available)
Available Colors Clear
Tag Application Temperature 50 ºF
Water Resistance Good
Solvent Resistance Good
Abrasion Resistance Fair


Permanent Acrylic

Type Acrylic
Thickness 1 mil
Adhesion to Steel Excellent
Adhesion to Glass Excellent
Adhesion to LSE Plastics Poor
Adhesion to HSE Plastics Excellent

Shelf Life

Stored at 72º F/ 50% Relative Humidity

2 years


Protective Bumpers Design

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