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Barcoded Transformer Labels

Reflective, Barcode & Variable Data, UV Stable, Custom Designs Available, Durable Product ID, Harsh Environment

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Barcoded Transformer Labels small Barcoded Transformer Labels small Barcoded Transformer Labels small

Barcoded Transformer Labels


  • Feature triple barcodes for excellent tracking
  • Outdoor durable for 10 to 20+ years
  • Water, UV and abrasion resistant
  • Choose from non-reflective and retro-reflective labels


Make transformer asset tracking easy! These serialized labels are great for pole-top and substation transformers.


Triplicate barcode label separates into three parts


Simply affix the serialized label with barcode outside the transformer. Place the second barcode inside the transformer (as a backup label) and keep the third one for your asset tracking document. Get high-tech and add an RFID tag for additional custom data collection.





Labels combine a heavy-duty polyester laminate with a high-strength, high-performance adhesive that remains durable even in harsh environments. Great for applications requiring superior abrasion resistance and/or peel resistance on metal, plastic or painted surfaces. The thick laminate protects against impact, peeling and tearing.


Choose from non-reflective or retro-reflective barcode labels. Retro-reflective models can be read from up to 50 feet away.








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Utility Labeling, Cabinet Labeling, Product Marking, Barcode Labeling, Outdoor Use, Electronic Equipment & Devices, Power Equipment Labeling


Polyester Base or Reflective Film with Heavy-Duty Polyester Laminate

Label Non-Reflective Retro-Reflective
Overall Thickness 8 mils 11 mils
Expected Outdoor Life 7-10 years (with yellowing) 7-10 years (with yellowing)
Service Temperature range -40°F to 302°F -40°F to 300°F
Minimum Application Temperature 32°F 50°F
Available Colors All Available All Available
Water Resistance Excellent Excellent
Oil Resistance Very Good Very Good
Solvents Resistance Excellent Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Excellent Excellent

Other material options available upon request.


High Strength Adhesive

Label Non-Reflective Retro-Reflective
Thickness 1 mil 1 mil
Adhesion to Steel Very Good (at 72 hr. dwell) Excellent (at 24 hr. dwell)
Adhesion to Glass Very Good (at 72 hr. dwell) Excellent
Adhesion to LSE plastics Good Poor
Adhesion to HSE plastics Excellent Excellent
Water Resistance Excellent Excellent
Oil Resistance Very Good Very Good

Other adhesive options available upon request.

Shelf Life

Stored at 70°F and 50% Relative Humidity

2 years


Barcoded Transformer Labels Design

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