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AuthentiCal Honeycomb Pattern Tamper-Evident Holographic Label

Destructible / Tamper Evident, Security Features, Anti-Counterfeit, Microprint, Holographic, Tamper-Evident

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AuthentiCal Honeycomb Pattern Tamper-Evident Holographic Label small AuthentiCal Honeycomb Pattern Tamper-Evident Holographic Label small AuthentiCal Honeycomb Pattern Tamper-Evident Holographic Label small

Holographic Security Seal

  • Ideal for applications where tampering should be indicated on the seal and the substrate
  • Label cannot be reused once removed
  • Blend multiple custom high security features to create a seal that is unique and almost impossible to replicate
  • Customizable with different security features, artwork, barcodes or RFID


AuthentiCal Security Labels


AuthentiCal® WFS-AC-0012 Tamper-Evident, high resolution holographic labels leave behind a honeycomb pattern adhesive residue indicating tampering on both substrates. These labels can contain 14 or more high security features that cannot be replicated or removed. Labels are ideal for protecting packaging or sensitive documents from counterfeit or forgery. Primarily for indoor application, these labels provide a cost effective, high security solution.


Each label is a unique custom designed hologram with Micro/Nano print, laser viewable text, UV text, hidden animated features, serialization, or barcode features.

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Tamper Evident Seals, Security, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Counterfeit, Tamper-indicating Labels and Seals


Tamper Evident Film

Dimensions 0.59” x 2.3”
Available Colors Gold or Silver (others on request without honeycomb pattern)
Tag Application Temperature 48ºF to 104ºF
Water Resistance Excellent
Solvent Resistance Excellent
Oil Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Good
Abrasion Resistance Good
Expected Outdoor Durability 1 to 2 years

Custom sizes and printing options available



Thickness 1.0 mil
Adhesion to Steel Very Good
Adhesion to LSE Plastics Very Good
Adhesion to HSE Plastics Very Good

Custom adhesive options for a variety of surfaces, metal, plastic, textured, and non-textured available

Shelf Life

Stored at 77º F/ 50% Relative Humidity

6 months


AuthentiCal Honeycomb Pattern Tamper-Evident Holographic Label Design

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