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Custom Labels and Decals

William Frick & Company has been converting custom labels for over 30 years.  We specialize in assisting manufacturers create, design, and print labels for every situation.  Our custom labels come in practically any shape, size, substrate, adhesive, and laminate.  Visit our custom label configurator today.

Quality Materials & Workmanship

William Frick uses only top quality products from vendors such as 3M and Avery.  We are a preferred 3M converter, and for an added peace of mind, we fully guarantee every label that we make will be to your exact specifications.

In-House Design and Printing

We have a full featured printing facility in Libertyville, IL.  We handle hundreds of custom label printing jobs per month.  Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups.  Frick is your "one stop shop" for designing, creating, and printing your custom labels.
Because we have an in-house printing and design center, we have unbelievably fast turnaround, perfect for short runs or prototype runs.  We never charge hefty setup fees, saving you money.  Order today and your order can be shipped within 3 days of art approval.

Full Range of Capabilities

Your labels can be printed from a variety of processes.  Our capabilities are cutting edge; we have experience in all of the major printing processes:

Offset Lithography  -- For large label runs
Engraving  -- Stationary printing
Thermography  -- Raised printed labels
Digital printing  -- Thousands of colors, Great for flesh tones or variable data printing
Screen  -- A very durable printing process
Flexography  -- Great for packaging labels and product labels
Attractive Custom Decals

William Frick has many highly durable custom flexographic, screen-printed, or digital decals. We have manufactured auto dealership decals, polyurethane domed decals, serial number and RFID-enabled decals, barcodes, safety decals, and more. Our 4 color and 6 color printing presses can create custom decals to your exact specifications.

Why Print with William Frick?

William Frick offers services that others charge extra for.  

1.  We always do a PDF proof of your custom printed label, so your order is always just right.
2.  A dedicated salesperson will be your single point of contact.
3.  Our expert staff has over 60 years combined printing experience.  More than a label converter, we are a business partner.


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Labels & Decals

Outdoor Reflective Label
Reflective Outdoor Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0001

WFS-OS-0001 Extremely Heavy Duty Labels
Extremely Heavy Duty Labels

SKU: WFS-OS-0001

WFS-BC-0001 Color-Coded Barcode Labels
Color-Coded Barcode Labels

SKU: WFS-BC-0001

WFS-BC-0003 Polyimide High Temperature Labels
Polyimide High Temperature Labels

SKU: WFS-BC-0003

WFS-BC-0004 Laminated Destructible Labels
Laminated Destructible Labels

SKU: WFS-BC-0004

WFS-BC-0006 Polyester Labels
Polyester Labels

SKU: WFS-BC-0006

WFS-BC-0007 Super Adhesive Labels
Super Adhesive Labels

SKU: WFS-BC-0007

WFS-BC-0008 Long Range Barcode Labels
Long Range Barcode Labels

SKU: WFS-BC-0008

WFS-BC-0005 Face-Down Labels
Face-Down Labels

SKU: WFS-BC-0005

Domed Labels

SKU: WFS-OS-0002

WFS-OS-0003 Packaging Labels
Packaging Labels

SKU: WFS-OS-0003

WFS-OS-0004 General-Purpose Labels
General Purpose Labels

SKU: WFS-OS-0004

WFS-OS-0005 Digital Prototype Control Panel Overlay
Digital Control Panel Overlay

SKU: WFS-OS-0005

WFS-OS-0006 Screen Printed Labels
Screen Printed Labels

SKU: WFS-OS-0006

UL Recognized Printing Materials | William Frick & Company
UL Recognized Printing Materials

SKU: WFS-OS-0007

WFS-OS-0008 Screen Printed Control Panel Overlay
Screen Printed Control Panel Overlay

SKU: WFS-OS-0008

WFS-OS-0009 Food/Food Packaging Labels
Food/Food Packaging Labels

SKU: WFS-OS-0009

ANSI Z535 NEMA Safety Warning Labels130
ANSI Z535 NEMA Safety Warning Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0030

Lockout Tags, Assortment
Lock-Out Tags

SKU: WFS-ES-0025

Hard Hat Emergency Labels
Hard Hat Emergency Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0029

WFS-ES-0032 Blind Spot Domed Labels
Safety Reminder Triple-Check Domed Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0032

WFS-ES-REFSTI Reflective Stickers
Reflective Stickers Decals


WRG-FLR-GRAPHICS Floor Graphics Non-Skid
Personalized Floor Graphics


FrickForm Logo Label
FrickForm Logo Label

SKU: WFS-OS-0025

WFS-ES-0023 URD Labels
URD Wrap-Around Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0023

Hot Stick Inspection Labels | WFS-ES-0042
Hot Stick Inspection Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0042

Ground Testing Program | WFS-ES-0044
Ground Testing Program

SKU: WFS-ES-0044

Asset Label

SKU: WFS-OS-0027

WFS-OS-0028 Metal Asset Tag
Metal Asset Tag

SKU: WFS-OS-0028

Child ID Card
Child ID Card

SKU: WFS-ES-0045

Barcode Tube
Barcode Tube

SKU: WFS-BC-0009

Laser-etched Destructible Labels
Laser Etched Destructible Labels

SKU: WFS-OS-0014

Protective Bumpers
Protective Bumpers


Tamper Evident RFID Label
Tamper Evident RFID Label

SKU: WF-SM-0041

Black High Temperature Label
Black High Temperature Label


Handwriting Cloth Label
Handwriting Cloth Label


VIP-Four Color Process Printing
VIP-Four Color Process Printing


WF-SM-01 Box
RFID Paper Labels


Photoluminescent Label_inuse
Photoluminescent Label


Diamond Grade Reflective Label
Diamond Grade Reflective Label


Serialized/UPC Barcode Label Sheets
Serialized/UPC Barcode Label Sheets


EscapeTape Safety Tape


Tamper Evident Security Seal

SKU: WF-AC-0007

Authentical WFS-AC-0012 Holographic Label
AuthentiCal Honeycomb Pattern Tamper-Evident Holographic Label

SKU: WFS-AC-0012

Barcoded Transformer Labels


Warehouse Inventory Labels
Warehouse Inventory Labels


Fiber Optics Only Label Horiz
Fiber Optics Only Label Horizontal

SKU: WFS-ES-0060

Fiber Optics Only Label Vertical

SKU: WFS-ES-0061

Dod Shipping Label Thumbnail
MIL-STD-129 RFID Shipping Label

SKU: WF-SM-43015-

3D Formed Heat Transfer PVC Emblems
3D Formed Heat Transfer PVC Emblems


3D Formed PVC Emblems
3D Formed PVC Emblems

SKU: WFS-OS-0025

User Wiki

Custom Printed Labels Fast!, June 29 2010

By: Barbara

I am really pleased with how fast Frick can manufacture custom printed labels for my company under 72 hours after proof approval in most cases. Even though the labels are printed quickly, they're delivered error-free and look great on their 3M film. Real quality stuff!

We've been using Frick to help us select the right custom printed labels for years. They've got outdoor labels that don't fade even after 15 years, which is important in my business. We've also gotten sharp looking, durable domed labels from them and nearly impossible-to-counterfeit security labels. We didn't need large quantities, but everything was printed quickly.

I don't think you can beat William Frick & Company for delivering fast prototyping, small quantity, and short runs.

Frick Custom Labels Helped Us Join the Modern Age, February 21 2011

By: Bill

William Frick custom labels have been a real blessing to our family-run company. We were slow to adopt the latest technologies, but Frick's designers and sales people helped ease us into the modern age with their custom printed labels for every aspect of our business.

We now have a fully integrated computerized inventory control system that uses Frick's custom labels and decals at every step along the way. We use barcode labels that let us track our products from the manufacturing line to the warehouse and onto the trucks at our loading dock. With quick printing and fast turnaround times, Frick always supplies us with the types of labels and decals we need.

Barcode Labels Reduce Our Inventory Costs, February 21 2011

By: Frank

With our just-in-time inventory system, Frick's flexibility in producing short run labels with fast turn around times is a tremendous help to our business. We use custom labels from Frick in our barcode system to keep our products moving smoothly from the assembly plant in Taiwan to our customers' doorsteps all over the world.

Our customers appreciate the efficiency and security that our barcode labels provide. Our barcode system assures fast and accurate order fulfillment. Our customers know that the products they receive from us are the real thing, because our destructible labels would immediately show tampering.

Cool subject, October 29 2018

By: Michael Eaton

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