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Premium Security Label

Security Features, Anti-Counterfeit, Microprint, Holographic, Tamper-Evident

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Premium Security Label small

Premium Security Labels


Security Labels

  • Protect packaging, labels, and documents from counterfeit attack
  • Custom Microprint message
  • Available with hologram security and tamper-evident security features
  • Avoid fraudulent use of your company’s products
  • Cost-effective security


Prevent product forgeries with this superior security label. Incorporating microprint, hologram security and tamper-evident technologies, this label cannot easily be copied or removed.


Very small imprints and dynamically generated text such as the label serial number which are incorporated into the label. These imprints are only viewed clearly under magnification. This message will be distorted on any attempt to optically duplicate the label.


The integrated holographic image can enhance product design while preventing duplication. This label is coated with an aggressive, permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, which provides very good destructibility.


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Security, Anti-Counterfeit, Document Security, Forgery protection, Non-transferable Labels, Tamper-indicating Labels and Seals


55# Paper Stock with Serrated Edge

Overall Thickness: Facestock 55# White paper
Expected Outdoor Durability: Short term applications, generally not suited for outdoor use.
Service Temperature: -10º F to 176º F
Available Colors: White or custom
Water Resistance: Poor
Solvents Resistance: Fair
Abrasion Resistance: Poor to destructible
UV Resistance: Fair
Oil Resistance: Poor


Custom messages available


Permanent Acrylic

Thickness: 1.0 mils (+/- 10%)
Minimum Application Temperature: 32ºF
Adhesion to Stainless Steel: Excellent - destructible
Adhesion to HSE Plastics: Good to destructible
Adhesion to LSE Plastics: Excellent to destructible
Adhesion to Glass: Very Good to destructible

Custom adhesives available for different applications

Shelf Life

Stored at 72ºF / 50% Relative Humidity

2 years


Premium Security Label Design

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