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Non-Residue Tamper Evident Label

Barcode & Variable Data, Destructible / Tamper Evident

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Non-Residue Tamper Evident Label small Non-Residue Tamper Evident Label small Non-Residue Tamper Evident Label small

Non–Residue Tamper Evident Label

  • Peels off clean—no messy residue
  • Reveals a hidden VOID message when tampered
  • Barcode and serialization available
  • Customize size, text, and more



AuthentiCal Security Labels



Use the Non–Residue Tamper Evident label when you need an economical instant visual of tamper evidence. Any attempt to remove the label reveals a hidden VOID message. The specially designed adhesive won't leave a residue, so there is no need to clean between applications. Once removed, the label cannot be reused or reapplied. Ideal for airlines, banking, retail or any security application. For both short-term indoor and outdoor use.


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Safety & Compliance, Identification Labeling, High Value Asset Labeling, Security, Tamper-indicating Labels and Seals, Warranty Applications




Application Temperature 50°F and up
Color Clear
Overall Thickness 2.2 mils
Service Temperature -40°F to 104°F
Water Resistance Good
UV Resistance Good
Abrasion Resistance Good


Label will work at higher temperatures, but will deposit residue




Pressure Sensitive Acrylic


Thickness 0.8 mil
Application Temperature 50°F and up
Adhesion to steel at 24 hr. dwell Very good
Adhesion to glass at 24 hr. dwell Good
Adhesion to LSE plastics Poor
Adhesion to HSE plastics Fair


Smooth-surfaces. Additional testing required for powder-coated and textured surfaces.


Shelf Life

Store at 70°F in a clean dry and cool place with 50% RH

2 years


Non-Residue Tamper Evident Label Design

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