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Labels and Decals

Domed Label

Domed Labels

Nothing draws attention to your logo or graphic better than a customized 3D domed label. Clear thick polyurethane dome enriches your images with unmatched professional appeal, added depth perception and excellent protection from wear, abrasion and environmental elements. The high-strength adhesive ensures these labels will withstand almost any application.

Typical applications include: Identification Labeling, Product Marking, Product Labels & Promotional Labels, Electronic Equipment & Devices, Appliance Labeling

Formed PVC Emblem

3D Formed PVC Emblems

Draw attention to your brand and enhance your product with 3D Formed PVC Emblems. Customize these emblems with the shape and color of your logo or graphic. Form different elements of your design to create a 3D multi-layered finish.

Typical applications include: Identification Labeling, Product Marking, Graphic Labels, Product Labels & Promotional Labels, Emblems, Appliance Labeling, Logo

/Fiber Optics Only label

Horizontal "FIBER OPTICS ONLY" Label

Clearly mark fiber optic cable racks and ducts in central offices, data centers and network centers with a short, 6" wide label. Aggressive adhesive ensures long product life. Polyester laminate protects against scuffs and scratches. Vertical "FIBER OPTICS ONLY" Label is also available.

Typical applications include: identification labeling, utility labeling

Graphic Warehouse Inventory Labels

Graphic Warehouse Inventory Labels

Use these labels with high-quality color graphics to quickly identify contents inside of bins and boxes and on warehouse shelves. Durable, water-resistant construction make these labels great for industrial environments. Labels can be customized with variable images, text, or barcodes.

Typical applications include: warehouse, work in progress tracking, inventory control

Utility Markers

Fiber Optic Cable Tag

Fiber Optic Cable Tags

Frick's Fiber Optic Cable Tags are the perfect choice for marking your ground level and underground cables. Made of heavy-duty plastic, they are built to last allowing you to easily find your cables year after year. These cable identification tags may be ordered with a self-laminating flap. Custom colors and sizes are also available.

Typical applications include: utility labeling, oil, gas, water pipelines, ground level marking

Micro-Trench Marker

Micro-Trench Marker

Highly visible fiber optic micro-trench marker is constructed of a outdoor durable, UV stabilized plastic resin. Easy to install in concrete or trench filler. Custom text and colors available.

Typical applications include: utility labeling, outdoor use, construction, ground level marking

Velcro Utility Pole Wrap

Velcro Utility Pole Wrap

Inform the public that your crew is working on the utility line. This reusable utility pole wrap with Velcro attachment is designed to fit most pole sizes—great for electric, telecom and CATV companies.

Typical applications include: safety & compliance, utility labeling

Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve

Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve

Quickly turn a traffic cone into a temporary warning sign. Slip over slim or wide cones to warn others of potentially hazardous work areas. Full-coverage cone sleeve features a waterproof construction. Folds easily to occupy minimal storage space.

Typical applications include: safety & compliance, outdoor use, construction, critical warning and safety, ground level marking

SmartMark RFID

Printable Metal Mount Junior RFID Label

Printable Metal Mount Junior RFID Label

Choose the Printable Metal Mount Junior RFID label as an economical solution for inventory management, loss prevention and supply chain operations. This versatile foam-backed metal mount RFID label is designed to be read on metal assets and liquid-filled items.

Typical applications include: identification labeling, high value asset labeling, metal mount, asset marking & tracking, serial labels, manufacturing, retail product tracking

RFID Fabric Laundry Tag

RFID Fabric Laundry Tag

This flexible, yet very durable RFID fabric laundry tag is specifically designed for the laundry industry. Simply sew or insert it into a hem or pocket, or heat-seal this RFID cloth tag under a laundry patch (sold separately) for added discretion. Its woven polyester design easily conforms to a variety of fabrics. Great for tracking inventory of flat linens, dry cleaning, uniforms and other housekeeping items.

Typical applications include: product marking, asset marking & tracking, high temperature, medium range RFID

Stick Metal Mount RFID Tag

AT04 Stick Metal Mount RFID Tag

Choose the AT04 Metal Mount RFID tag for its long read range and low profile—ideal for large equipment tagging. This RFID tag is extremely durable and withstands harsh outdoor environments. Two rivet holes backed by an aggressive adhesive ensure the AT04 RFID tag will securely adhere to most materials; mounts onto metallic surfaces without degrading readability.

Typical applications include: high value asset labeling, warehouse, container tagging, heavy machinery, outdoor use

Metal-Mount Fiberglass RFID Tag

Metal-Mount Fiberglass RFID Tag

The Metal Mount Fiberglass RFID tag WF-SM-SGT2 is specifically designed for mounting onto a variety of surfaces including metals. Its compact, low-profile configuration makes tag easy to conceal. Use to track hand tools, small equipment and medical instruments.

Typical applications include: cabinet labeling, metal mount, asset marking & tracking, tools tracking, firearms tracking


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