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See how William Frick is changing the world of RFID and identification.  Our thought leadership applies to all fields of labels, markers, and RFID tags.

Improving Rapid Prototyping Using 3D Printing Services3D Printer White Paper.pdf
William Frick & Company announces the addition of its 3D printing services to better serve customers needing advanced technical solutions for the marking and identification of products. Through rapid prototyping, the 3D printer can help save time and production costs while improving end results. It produces functional prototypes that can be tested in real-world circumstances.
Date: Jan 09 2014Filesize: 106,99 kBDownloads: 2181

Top 5 Ways to Improve Jobsite SafetyTop-5-Ways-to-Increase-Jobsite-Safety.pdf

Now our experts at William Frick have analyzed common safety practices and collected the findings in technical white paper. Read this analysis to discover how your safety can be improved by employing these 5 simple strategies:

  • Influenza H1N1 Flu Prevention
  • Keeping current on OSHA standards for PPE
  • and others...
Date: Oct 12 2009Filesize: 48,92 kBDownloads: 4010

Introduction to RFIDWFC-RFID-FLYER.pdf

A short summary of what is needed in an RFID implementation.  This introductory manual introduces users to the hardware (readers or portals) and software (what software do I need?) and RFID tags (how durable? on metal? underwater?)

This also includes some estimated pricing information for your application.

Date: Apr 10 2013Filesize: 2,44 MBDownloads: 3789

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