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Please feel free to peruse William Frick's printed catalogs.  They are organized by industry and by products.

OEM Labels and Decals CatalogOEM_Brochure_Email.pdf
Date: Sep 23 2009Filesize: 462,85 kBDownloads: 3580

Electric Utility CatalogWFC-ElectricBrochure-A.pdf
Date: Sep 23 2009Filesize: 855,00 kBDownloads: 7143

Telecom and CATV BrochureWFC-TELECOM BROCHURE-E.pdf
Date: Sep 23 2009Filesize: 1,14 MBDownloads: 12119

Safety Products BrochureSAFETYBROCHURE.pdf
Date: Nov 08 2012Filesize: 4,82 MBDownloads: 8136

Railroad ProductsWFC-RR-BROCHURE-C2_LR.pdf
Identification and safety products specifically designed for the Railroad Industry. Includes such staples as grounds markers, safety flags and markers, ANSI/OSHA safety products, and more.
Date: Oct 05 2010Filesize: 1,39 MBDownloads: 3211

Smart Meter Labeling ProductsSmartMeter-Catalog.pdf

RFID and harsh environment labels, tags, and nameplates for the Electric Utilities and Smart Meter initiative.

Date: Apr 02 2012Filesize: 1,37 MBDownloads: 10959

Date: Apr 10 2013Filesize: 1,79 MBDownloads: 11171

Marcadores Para Telecomunicaciones Y Televisión Por CableWFC-TELECOM BROCHURE-SPANISH-A.pdf
Date: Nov 01 2013Filesize: 1,32 MBDownloads: 1668

AuthentiCal™ Security LabelsWF-AUTHENTICAL-BOOKLET-A.pdf
Date: Nov 01 2013Filesize: 2,27 MBDownloads: 1423

Product Labels, Decals, and TagsWFC-OEM_1-SAMPLE-SHEET-C.pdf
See our full line of customizable labels, decals, and tags for product identification, safety, outdoor applications, tamper evidence and more. Ask about our award-winning RFID.
Date: Feb 13 2014Filesize: 957,70 kBDownloads: 2977

Rotulos, Calcomanias y Etiquetas de ProductoWFC-OEM_1-SAMPLE-SHEET-E_ES.pdf
Ve nuestro gama de productos y soluciones personalizados diseñados según sus especificaciones. Etiquetas de seguridad, producto para exteriores, y productos de seguridad AuthentiCal®.
Date: Feb 13 2014Filesize: 274,27 kBDownloads: 1582

Barcode Labels, and Warehouse Rack tagsWFC-BARCODE-SAMPLE-SHEET-C.pdf
Track your assets with tags and barcode labels for a variety of applications including warehouse racks, safety and warning, and tamper evident. Ask about our award-winning RFID.
Date: Feb 13 2014Filesize: 811,97 kBDownloads: 3022

Etiquetas de código de barra y soluciones para almacenesWFC-BARCODE-SAMPLE-SHEET-E_ES.pdf
Identifica tus activos fijos con etiquetas y calcomanías para aplicaciones generales, incluyendo almacén, calcomanías y etiquetas de productos con código de barra, placas, y etiquetas de seguridad.
Date: Feb 13 2014Filesize: 326,41 kBDownloads: 4031

Gas Pipeline MarkersGas-Pipeline-Brochure-web-B.pdf
Assembled for the Oil and Gas industry, the Gas Pipeline Markers brochure features durable maker posts, ground level markers, durable signs and more.
Date: Jul 17 2014Filesize: 1,29 MBDownloads: 2247

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