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Industries > Medical, Healthcare & Drugs

Medical, Healthcare & Drugs

William Frick & Company labels and tags are well suited to promoting safety and managing assets and inventory in the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We offer products and services for tagging everything from linens and towels to surgical instruments, medications and diagnostic equipment. Frick also produces die-cut overlays for equipment control panels, and CAC cards that enable you to control employee and visitor admission to secure rooms.

Getting started with William Frick & Company is easy. We are responsive and experienced. Our products and services help you:

• Save Money through expert advice on asset management through CAC cards, labels, signs and RFID systems
• Save Time by ordering products that we can design without tooling or set-up charges, produce and ship in a matter of days
• Save Resources by letting Frick create the artwork and/or layout of your graphics
• Stay Safe by reminding staff about procedures like medical waste disposal or visitors to potential dangers like slippery floors.

Frick understands your concern for the safety and well-being of your employees and patients, and can produce products that are discreet as well as effective. Whether you need signs, barcoded badges, RFID tags, decals or labels, we can advise you on the best materials, adhesives and technology for any application.

Our customers have long respected Frick’s ability to deliver quality products on time and at competitive prices.

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