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Industries > CATV & Telecom

Cable TV and Telecom Products

Protect your network

Frick knows the challenges that utility and telecom companies face every day. The weather, the harsh environments, and the safety issues don’t intimidate us – in fact, we thrive on finding solutions that identify your outside plant assets and protect your people, no matter where they are. Our products can help you prevent errors, reduce outages and downtime, and communicate with your people in the field.

Rugged, Durable, and built-to-last

With our full line of signs, labels, tags, and markers, we’re the leaders in durable custom identification. Whether you need to identify a utility pole, label a pedestal or cabinet, mark a cable run, or post a safety message, we can help you meet local, state, and federal regulations with products that offer service lives of up to 30 years!

Custom Solutions built to your specifications

Consult with our utility experts to build long-lasting solutions for all your identification challenges. We’ll take the time to discuss your application in depth – then walk you through the process, selecting materials and suggesting custom adhesives or laminates. All so you know your product will satisfy your requirements and stand up to constant use. If you can not find what you are looking for here, don’t worry, our experts can custom design a solution for any identification challenge.

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