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Aviation Maintenance and Inspection

Frick understands the challenges airlines face performing routine maintenance and security checks. We’ve worked with several airlines and aircraft suppliers to design RFID tags and tamper-evident security seals that can help reduce aircraft inspection times, improve safety—and avoid regulatory fines.

RFID Technology—Track more than expiration dates

We offer a wide range of RFID products to help airlines perform inspections including presence and expiration checks of life vests, oxygen generators, emergency equipment and other cabin items.

In addition to providing a quicker and more accurate method of checking expiration dates, RFID technology can also help track additional information. For example, you can capture data to document when aircraft checks were made and by whom. Export information for further analysis and reporting—great for advance planning to reduce operating costs, track inventory and improve aircraft maintenance.

Ensure safety with tamper evident seals

Our Authentical® line of custom security seals are designed for a variety of applications including inspection, authentication and packaging. They are great for sealing aircraft doors, interior panels, cargo containers, documents and more. We offer destructible labels, non-residue labels, void message labels, etc. We can even create labels with multiple layers of security features for added protection.

Custom solutions built to your needs

At Frick, we understand that not every airline is configured the same. That is why we work to tailor a solution around your specific needs. We'll partner with you and take the time to discuss your application in depth—then walk you through the process, selecting materials and suggesting custom adhesives or laminates. All so you know the finished product will satisfy your needs and help you meet industry standards.

Together, we can work to design solutions that can solve almost any labeling challenge. Consult with our experts to build long-lasting solutions for all your aviation maintenance and inspection challenges. Call (847) 918-3809 for more information.

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