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Thoughts from OSP '10

Monday, November 1, 2010 by Evie Bennett

I recently returned from OSP Expo in San Antonio where I was struck by the show’s vibrancy and energy.  After watching trade shows across all disciplines shrink or disappear completely these past two years, it was reassuring to be an exhibitor at an event with lots of quality vendors, the right attendees and solid educational speakers.  With all the right pieces in place, this show pulsed with energy, excitement and enthusiasm.

What went right? 

Maybe it was the happy marriage of pent-up demand and stimulus money that drew telecom attendees to more than 60 service providers and 200 telecom exhibitors.  Whatever the reason, this buzz was good for business. 

From my company’s viewpoint, our innovative JoistMate™ Attic Safety Platform definitely generated some buzz in the safety community.  Given the number of technicians and contractors who attend this show, our practical safety product hit the bull’s eye.  Please go to the JoistMate webpage to learn more.

The main reason William Frick exhibits at shows like OSP Expo is to speak directly with end users.  You tell us which products you like, which you don’t, and if there’s something you wish we had, like the JoistMate.  You speak.  We listen.  After all, our business is largely about your safety.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who submitted your names for the FlipCam drawing.  The winner was Debbie Armstrong, Installation and Repair Supervisor for Yadkin Valley Telecom in Yadkinville, NC.  Congratulations, Debbie!

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WFCo Recognized with Award

Monday, December 28, 2009 by Jeffrey H. Brandt


Frost and Sullivan, a worldwide business-consulting firm recently recognized William Frick and Company with an award for excellence in "Customer Value Enhancement".  Needless to say that as a company we are all very excited about this recognition of our collective and ongoing efforts to do just what the award says – that is, ENHANCE OUR VALUE TO OUR CUSTOMERS.

The award was given to WFCo based largely on our innovative and often customized SmartMark™ products; which are mainly durable RFID tags and labels.  Given the amount of time and money invested into these products over the past several years it is extremely gratifying to be recognized as a leader in this market.  Below are a couple of key excerpts from Frost and Sullivan’s award criteria:

"…presented each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers with a focus on improving the return on the (customer-made) investment."

"This award recognizes the company’s inordinate focus on enhancing the value its customers receive…leading to improved customer retention and customer base expansion."

Perhaps most gratifying to us longtime trench-toiling "sticker guys" is that the award would not have been possible had it not been for our continuous and long-standing commitment to servicing our customers and to product innovation.  The award is new, but in truth the foundation for it was laid in 1975 when Bill Frick opened the business with these objectives as its cornerstones.

As such, William Frick and Company will move forward with Frost and Sullivan’s prestigious award and our continued focus on delivering timely, valuable product innovations alongside service that simplifies our customers’ procurement and after-the-sale processes.  These mainstays of the Frick business strategy haven’t changed in nearly thirty-five years and look to serve us well in our future.

As a company we have done good work; this award proves it.  Yet, there remain so many opportunities to bring our brand of product, sales and service to so many customers I believe our best work lies in our future.  To me, that is what is truly exciting.

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ICUEE 2009 Where were the field guys?

Sunday, November 1, 2009 by Evie Bennett

The ICUEE is notably one of the favorite trade shows for our customers across the marketplaces of Electric, Telco, Gas, contractors, and distributors.   It's one of my personal favorite shows too, as it gives us a chance to interface with managers, directors, and the field people.  Attendance appeared  to be down, and most apparently absent were the field people who install our products.  

Optismism  for a recovery was expressed as new projects were discussed, job bids, creative resources, and improved technology available.  Exhibitors and attendees felt relief is ahead for the industry and everyone is ready to move forward.  In the construction industry, waiting is not normal.  Pushing ahead at full speed is the standard. 

Our primary purpose for exhibiting at expos, such as ICUEE is to interface with customers, end users, and industry peers to gain  understanding of their challenges, and collaborate creative products that may benefit our customers. Can a label, tag or sign really help solve their problems? The answer sometimes is yes.  Facing a reduced workforce means a knowledge base is lost, how can the wise old information of seasoned professionals carry forward to the new workers?  It may be in the form of job-aide instructional pocket cards.  Safety awareness is always a concern - Frick's new customized safety posters and related materials can clearly communicate the necessary reminders. Curb and grade level markers mark cable buried below asphalt and concrete, saving field time searching the area for locations. Tagging phases, and marking dangerous situations requires reliable, proven outdoor durable materials. I hear it across the industries: the pressure is high to do more, with less, faster, and keep it safe. Frick's durable line of markers, signs, and tags can help accomplish that. Our commitment to continued growth,  new product development, and creative thinking is dedicated to serving the industry to solve their challenges.

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Launching of Fricknet.com 2.0

Friday, September 18, 2009 by Jeffrey H. Brandt
Welcome to FrickNet.com, version 2.0! We are all very proud to present the major investment that is our newly redesigned and re-launched website. Just as the Internet has evolved to be more interactive and intuitive so, too has FrickNet.com. Loaded with new information and features, the new site is a significant upgrade from the old.
The changes we’ve made to the site are more than skin-deep. The new FrickNet.com includes more of our products and they’re all searchable by: product name, application(s), industry and materials. Each product page details its common applications and physical properties while displaying a zoom-able image and other similar products. Product sheets can be quickly downloaded or e-mailed to help our customers with their spec and design process. 
In addition to being user-friendly, FrickNet.com 2.0 is more easily recognized by internet search engines and easier for our staff to update and maintain. Thus, FrickNet.com will include our “latest and greatest” innovations and solutions alongside more traditional labeling and marking products. Lastly, discussion forums, chat lines, help lines and blogs have been incorporated ensuring that Frick’s excellent SERVICE remains intertwined with our products. In short, FrickNet.com 2.0 is a great resource for our customers, prospects and employees.
Ironically and with a nod to our time-tested feet-on-the-street approach to sales and service; every one of our salespeople was out of town visiting clients when the new website was launched. This “non-coincidence” says volumes about our company’s assertion that the greatest products, tools and technology need a person-to-person connection to have the greatest impact.
The new website is a powerful tool, but I know Frick’s people are at the core of our success - past, present and future. As such, I’m very excited about combining old-school and new-school business tools to best serve our customers and grow our business.
Lastly, thanks for reading my Blog #1. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, anecdotes and observations about our business. I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I’ll enjoy writing them.
Jeff Brandt
William Frick and Company
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