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Applications > Warranty Applications

Warranty Labels and Warranty Stickers

William Frick & Company can supply tamper evident labels and tags for your warranty applications. If your company services warranty claims for your products you can benefit from our line of warranty labels and warranty stickers. Our tags will reveal unauthorized modifications or tampering with parts and equipment that could void warranties and relieve you of liability for repairs. You can use our tamper evident labels for other security purposes as well as warranty applications, including product authentication and fraud deterrence.

Tamper Evident Labels

Our color changing tamper-evident film is a low cost product that can be applied to plastics, metals and a variety of other coatings. This warranty label easily divides into two colors if anyone attempts to remove or otherwise tamper with it. It is available in custom colors for your specific applications.

Foil Labels

Our hidden message tamper evident label is almost impossible to defeat and will reveal any tampering with products it is attached to. These foil labels are layered with polyester and a special optical film that reveals a hidden message if it is tampered with. These labels are resistant to water, solvents and abrasion, but they should not be used in applications that will be exposed to high temperatures.

Void Warranty Label

Our printable tamper evident film reveals the word “VOID” if it is tampered with these labels are excellent for single use security tracking and warranty applications. They can be applied to many types of surfaces. Our destructible security label made from 3M destructible vinyl will last many years if not tampered with, but will easily flake apart to reveal tampering if someone attempts to transfer or remove the label.

Whatever your anti-fraud, security or warranty labeling needs may be, we have a product that will work for you. Call our customer service representatives for more information about our warranty applications.

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