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Applications > Product Marking

Product and Equipment Marking

William Frick and Company offers many marking products: pre-printed bar code labels, nameplates and custom engineered products for outdoor, harsh environment and warehousing applications.

Pre-Printed Location Marking Labels - We manufacture durable labels with sequential numbers or data taken from a database. These labels are constructed to withstand the dirt, grime and abrasion encountered in rough environments. They are available in many shapes and sizes and with additional colors (for zone designation or logos). Additionally, they are available on a magnetized base for convenient, repositionable use.

Long Range Equipment Marking Labels - For applications where a long range scanner is being used, we can pre-print labels that are readable up to 50 feet. Additionally, these equipment marking labels can be applied to a formed aluminum sign then mounted to or hung from the ceiling at an optimal scanning angle. Embedded RFID technology is another option to help uniquely mark equipment.

Outdoor Durable Labels - These labels can be numbered sequentially or printed from a database and provided in sets, with tabs or with additional color information. These are perfect for marking equipment that stays outdoor. The construction of these labels keeps them readable (after being installed outdoors) for up to twenty years! These labels come with a UV stable, cold-temperature adhesive that will not fail under the most extreme outdoor conditions.

Custom Labels - Sometimes applications require the use of a special label format or material; such as a high-temperature Kapton or ceramic, aluminum, face-down Mylar or a destructible acrylic label that breaks apart upon attempted removal. We regularly work with a large variety of materials to provide you with a product that performs to your specifications.

To aid in the design of custom product marking labels, we have our own art/design facility that can produce prototypes or art mock-ups on short notice.

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