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Applications > Power Tools Tracking

RFID Power Tools Tracking

William Frick & Company can provide tags and labels for your tools management system. With an automated computerized system to track tools, your company can maintain accurate inventory and maintenance records to reduce theft, reduce repair costs and optimize movement of tools within your facilities or in the field. Our tools tracking labels can help you track tool use and keep tools organized and inventoried for efficient deployment as they are needed for your operations.

Power Tools Labeling

If your company manufactures power tools or other industrial products, our tags and labels provide the branding, anti-theft, tracking and regulatory compliant features that you need. We have RFID tags, inexpensive product labels, UL approved labels, custom name plates and screen printed labels to meet your product identification requirements.

Tools Management System

Our metal mount RFID (radio frequency identification) tags are designed to withstand tough conditions and are ideal for power tools tracking and labeling. The information encoded in the tags can be read by automated readers at any angle within the effective reading range to record data for your tools management system. They can be mounted on surfaces or imbedded within products and are designed for a wide range of operating temperatures and are water resistant for outdoor durability.

Track tools with Barcodes

Our packaging labels can be produced with your logo or other customized design for marking your products and packaging. Our screen printed labels are ideal for marking tools. They are good for indoor and outdoor applications and offer resistance to water, solvents, UV light and abrasion. Our UL approved labels are available in a variety of materials and colors to meet requirements for labeling in specific applications. These labels are designed for difficult conditions and are compliant with regulations set forth by many agencies. Call our customer service representatives to find out how we can help with your power tools labeling requirements.

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