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Applications > Power Equipment Labeling

Power Equipment Labels

Power equipment labels require tough materials with strong adhesives that can withstand high temperatures, abrasion and exposure to solvents, oils and other chemicals. Any industrial labeler can find the right labels for service under challenging conditions from William Frick & Company. You can use our labels to carry critical information about your power equipment, including serial numbers, tracking information, safety warnings and maintenance instructions.

RFID Equipment Labels

We have a variety of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to fill your need for equipment labels for tracking, inventory control, and theft and fraud deterrence. Our high temperature RFID equipment labels carry barcode or alphanumeric information that can be read at distances up to thirty feet for applications that are exposed to temperatures up to 300 degrees F. Our small metal mount RF ID tag with a ceramic clad exterior is ideal for engine labels that will be subjected to high temperatures.

Engine Labels

Our laminated destructible labels provide durable product ID for power equipment labels and engine labels. These labels are designed to show evidence of tampering while being resistant to water, oil, solvents and ultraviolet light. Our laser etched destructible labels are extremely durable and meet the standards set forth by the EPA, the state of California and the automotive industry for small engine labels, as well as Department of Defense label requirements. These labels are extremely tough under harsh conditions, but readily destruct to show evidence of tampering to prevent removal and reapplication.

For power equipment labels, engine labels or other tagging requirements for your equipment and products, William Frick & Company has a label to fit your needs. Call our customer service representatives for more information about secure product and equipment labeling.

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