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Applications > Packaging Labels

Packaging Labels: Nutrition Labels or Custom Packaging Labels

William Frick & Company offers several high quality packaging labels for your products. Attractive and creative food packaging labels not only make retail checkout efficient, but they brand your company’s products in your customers’ minds so that they will return to you for repeat purchases. Our labels carry your custom graphics and information for bottle labels and packaging labels. Whether you are packaging custom products or need a nutrition label for mass produced food packaging labels, our labels will meet your needs.

Easy Application Packaging Labels

Our packaging labels are manufactured for ease of automatic application. The high quality paper stock carries colors and designs well and the high tack adhesive provides secure application to a variety of material surfaces. These labels can be imprinted with your company logo, barcode information or other data to facilitate your packaging, shipping and retailing operations.

Food Packaging Labels

Our food packaging labels are ideal for tagging fresh produce and other food products, either on external packaging or with the tags applied directly to the food products themselves. We use FDA approved inks for use on fruit and other produce with edible skins. Our labels are printed on rolls for easy automatic or manual application. You can put your logo and product information on these stickers for customer convenience and to build your brand recognition.

Custom Packaging Labels

William Frick & Company also produces packaging labels for specialty applications such as in electronics manufacturing. Our high temperature labels carry barcodes and other information for electronic components tagging. Our flame retardant insulators, made of cost effective propylene, can be die cut and engraved with customized information to fit many electronics insulator and gasket designs.

Our packaging labels can be printed with graphics supplied by your design team, or you can work with our design professionals to creative custom labels for your products. Call our customer service representatives for more information.

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