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Applications > Oil, Gas, Water Pipelines

Oil and Gas Pipeline Markers

William Frick & Company offers a full line of products for marking pipelines and other utilities. We have RFID tags for pipeline security and inspection applications, color coded pipeline marker posts, curb marking kits and pavement markers.

Pipe Line Marker Tags

The American Public Works Association has a standard color code system for pipe line marker tags and other utility facilities marking. Under the APWA standards, the oil or gas pipeline marker color is yellow and the color for marking water lines is blue. We have utility and pipe line marker products using the APWA color standards.

Durable Pipeline Marking

Our flex post markers and domed post utility markers are constructed with tough materials that stand up to harsh conditions.

Pavement Marking for Pipelines

We offer several options for pavement marking to alert utility workers and the public to the presence of buried pipelines. We have magnail and stamped washer tags for easy installation in asphalt. These tags carry crucial location information and can be detected magnetically if they are covered by trash or pavement. Our polypropylene pavement markers carry information permanently molded into the marker so it can’t be removed or altered. These markers can be embedded slightly below the surface in concrete or asphalt so they can be driven over and snow-plowed over without damage. Our curb marking kit provides everything you need for numbering and lettering information to be affixed to a variety of surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, metal or polymers.

RFID Pipeline Markers

We have a wide variety of RFID tags to fit your pipeline marking requirements. Some of our tags are manufactured for use in high temperature or corrosive environments. Our RFID tags are available with several mounting options. Contact our customer service representatives for more information about Frick products that you can use in oil, gas and water pipeline marking for safety, security and operating efficiency.

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