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Applications > Non-transferable Labels

Non-transferable Labels

William Frick & Company produces a complete line of non-transferable labels for your company’s product tagging and identification needs. Permanent labeling for security, anti-fraud, product tracking and inventory control can be a cost effective part of your manufacturing, distribution and sales operations. Permanent ID labels can help you track heavy equipment in your manufacturing facility or warehouse and can deter theft of easily transportable high value power tools and other assets. Permanent labels on manufactured products and shipping containers deter counterfeiting, product switching and other fraudulent activities.

Security labels make good permanent labels

Our premium security label is a permanent label that cannot easily be copied or transferred. It uses microprint and hologram images on destructible material for counterfeiting and fraud protection. The hologram images distort if copied and the labels easily destruct if someone attempts to remove them, so they can’t be transferred to other products or packages.

Non-Tranferable Labels

Our hidden message tamper evident label is made of special layered materials that reveal “VOID” or other messages if they are tampered with. These provide warranty protection and fraud protection for your products during shipment and after sale. Our printable tamper evident VOID film can be applied to products that will be exposed to harsh conditions. These labels can be printed with barcodes or other information and adhere to stainless steel, glass and plastics. Our destructible security labels made with 3M destructible vinyl will crack and disintegrate if they are tampered with so that they cannot be transferred to other surfaces.

Our secure carton labels adhere permanently to cardboard cartons and cannot be removed without obvious damage. They carry barcode and other production information and graphics. Contact our customer service representatives to discuss your permanent label requirements. Our custom printed non-transferable labels will fit your needs for product labeling and security.

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