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Applications > Metal Mount

Metal Mount Labels and Tags

William Frick & Company offers a wide selection of metal mount tags and labels that are well suited to metal surface attachment. We have metal attachment labels designed for long life in harsh environments. Our metal asset tags will help you maintain cost effective inventory, tracking and security systems. Whatever your metal label needs may be, we can provide the products you need with custom colors and graphics manufactured to your specifications.

Metal Mount RFID tags

We have a large variety of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and labels. You can use RFID tags on mobile equipment and power tools to deter theft, to tag heavy equipment and structural members for efficient construction management, for inventory control in your warehouse and for tracking shipping containers from your plant to their final destinations. Whether you need RFID metal labels for use in harsh environments, small RFID tags for embedding inside products, removable RFID tags for re-use in your warehouse, or almost any other specialized application, we have a product to fit your needs.

Metal Mount Asset Tags

Our tamper-evident security tags are ideal for metal asset tags. Laser etched destructible labels and tamper evident hidden message labels are custom printed with your information on tough materials. Once affixed to your products or equipment, these metal asset tags will destruct if tampered with so they cannot be transferred or altered.

Metal Mount Patches

Our transformer hole patch material features an adhesive that can be applied in cold weather to metal surfaces. These non-conducting patches cover openings in electrical boxes to prevent entry of animals, trash, rain, snow, or curious children’s hands to ensure the safety of your installations.

Call our customer service representatives today for more information about our line of metal attachment labels. We can help you find the right products for all of your equipment marking needs.

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