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Applications > Medical Equipment

Medical Labels

William Frick & Company offers a wide assortment of labels that are ideal for medical labels and medical equipment label systems. Whether your company is an equipment manufacturer or end user of medical equipment, we can supply the medical label and medical documentation label products you need for identification, tracking, inventory management, record keeping and theft deterrence.

Our laminated destructible labels are ideal for permanent medical labels. They adhere to a variety of painted, metal or plastic surfaces and can be printed with static or variable information. Their laminated covering prevents alteration of printed information, and their high strength permanent adhesive causes the brittle film to crack apart if anyone attempts to remove the label.

We have UL approved and UL compliant labels available in a wide range of colors and materials for a variety of applications.

Control Panel Overlays

Our screen printed control panel overlays provide a protective barrier between your equipment and potentially damaging environments. These lexan overlays can be custom printed for your equipment and offer protection from water damage and abrasion while allowing easy operation of the underlying equipment buttons and controls.

Medical Packaging Labels

Our packaging labels made with high quality paper and adhesives are custom printed with your logo or other information. They can be machine applied or applied by hand from the printed rolls. Our screen printed labels are attractive and resistant to UV light, abrasion, water and solvents.

Medical Equipment Labels and RFID

RFID (radio frequency identification) labels and tags can streamline your security and inventory systems. Medical equipment labels using RFID technology can deter theft, automate inventory and tracking, and contribute to safety and security throughout your company’s operations. Call our customer service representatives to find out how our labeling products can fit your company’s unique medical labeling requirements.

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