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Applications > Insulators

Insulator Labels and Non-Conductive Labels

William Frick & Company offers several products for applications where non conductive labels and insulators are needed. We have tags with insulator coatings for use in electronics, vibration dampening patch labels, and insulator patch materials for covering openings in transformers and other electrical equipment.

Insulator Label Material

Our flame retardant insulator label material is often used in electronics manufacturing where insulated labels and gaskets are needed. The flame retardant polypropylene material is easy to work with and can be die-cut to fit flat or three dimensional designs. Graphics and other label information can be score-cut into the material. The material can also be through-cut for graphic design or to allow passage of components through the insulator label.

Vibration Dampening Labels

Our vibration dampening pad labels are oil, water and UV resistant. They can be precision cut for application where vibration dampening pads or insulation is needed. Made with a polyester base with polyurethane pads, these labels can be made in varying sizes and thicknesses to meet specialized requirements.

Our transformer patch labels are made of durable plastic to cover holes in transformer boxes and other electrical equipment. These insulating patches prevent animals, precipitation and trash from entering electrical boxes and creating safety hazards. They can be used as cabinet hole patches or to extend the useful life of rust damaged panels. They can be manufactured in any size or shape to fit around corners, odd shapes or flat spaces.

Call our customer service representatives for more information about our insulators and other specialty labeling products. Whatever your special requirements for insulated labeling may be, we can work with you to provide the products you need.

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