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Applications > High Value Asset Labeling

High Value Asset Labeling: Asset Labels and RFID Tags

Your company should protect its property and security with a complete system using high quality asset labels. William Frick & Company can supply your company with a wide variety of asset tracking labels and inventory stickers to help you manage your risk from theft and improve your bottom line with better inventory management.

Your company’s high value assets include the obvious things like expensive heavy equipment and machinery, but they also include your intellectual property such as trademarks and patents. With Frick’s labeling products, you can manage all of your assets for maximum security and efficient management. We have a full line of security tags and labels for shipping your products and managing your inventory. Our tamper evident inventory stickers and asset tracking labels ensure that your customers receive only genuine products from you rather than counterfeit merchandise slipped into the supply chain without your knowledge, thereby keeping your trademark and intellectual property secure.

We have a full line of metal asset tags and RFID tags for deterring theft, tracking your shipments and managing your inventory. An RFID inventory tag working with your software can tell you when to reorder merchandise for on time delivery to customers. High value assets such as power tools and other mobile equipment can be tagged with RFID asset labels that will set off alarms if they are removed from your shop or construction site.

Our RFID tags come in a variety of models to suit your specific needs. Some are designed for use in harsh environments and high temperatures. Some are designed for permanent installation, while others are made to be easily removed and re-used. You can use our RFID for a broad range of asset management, inventory control and security purposes. Call our customer service representatives for answers to your questions about high value asset labeling.

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