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Applications > High Temperature

High Temperature Applications: Labels, Tags, and RFID Tags

William Frick & Company offers a range of labeling and marking products that have high temperature resistance and are meant for use in extreme environments. High temperatures accelerate corrosion of metals and degradation of other materials, so it is important that your tags and markers be made of materials that will be durable in a high temperature range if they will be subjected to extreme heat conditions. We have a full line of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags as well as high temperature labels that are designed for use in harsh environments.

Our flame resistant cable tags are made from non-conducting epoxy. They come with a pre-drilled hole for ease of attachment to cables or other utilities. They are flame resistant to 284 degrees F and are also resistant to abrasion, UV and solvents. Our polyimide high temperature labels are specifically designed for marking electronic circuit boards. They are imprintable with barcodes or other graphics to meet your requirements. These labels withstand high temperatures and solvents used in electronics. Our stamped soil markers can be driven into the ground to mark underground cables or other utilities. They are UV resistant and can be walked on, driven over and subjected to hot summer temperatures and direct sunlight without degrading.

We have a complete line of RFID tags with high temperature resistance for your tracking and inventory management systems. Our EG02 metal mount RFID tag is designed for use at a high temperature range up to 446 degrees F. This tag is intended for use in industrial process monitoring where it will subjected to hot water cleaning or other frequent high temperature conditions. Our RFID tags are designed for durability under extreme conditions. They can be mounted in a variety of ways for permanent installation or for removal and reuse.

Call our customer service representatives for more information about our high temperature labels for all of your business’s marking and tracking needs.

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