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Applications > Heavy Machinery

Heavy Equipment Marking and Tracking

William Frick & Company has a complete line of products for marking and tracking your heavy equipment and other large assets. We help you comply with safety regulations regarding signage on your construction site, equipment yard or manufacturing facility. We supply RFID tags for cost effective inventory management and asset tracking to improve your company’s bottom line.

We have heavy duty vinyl OSHA compliant warning flags. These comes with standard caution messages indicating raised booms, oversized loads or other conditions that workers and visitors need to be cautioned about. We also supply flags in custom colors and with customized messages. Our flags use materials and inks that are UV resistant and will not fade. We supply UL approved industrial labels and custom metal nameplates for your products and equipment.

We also provide a wide selection of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for construction equipment labelling. RFID tags can be programmed with information specific to a vehicle or other piece of equipment so your computer software can track its location anywhere on your yard, construction site, or in transit. Heavy equipment is subjected to harsh working environments, so our products are manufactured from materials that are resistant to abrasion, corrosion, solvents, weather and other hazards. Reliable tags are a key component of an efficient RFID tracking system.

Our RFID tags come in a wide range of models with features to fit your needs. We have tags intended for permanent installation on heavy equipment and we have tags that are removable and reusable for temporary use in inventory management and shipping. Some of our RFID tags are made specifically for use in harsh environments, with anti-corrosive coatings and high temperature tolerant materials. Our tags come with a variety of installation methods, including high strength adhesives, magnetic backings, wire fasteners and screw mounts. Call our customer service representatives for more information about our safety marking and heavy machinery tagging capabilities.

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