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Applications > Hazardous Materials Tracking

Hazardous Materials Tracking: Hazard labels and Hazmat Placards

William Frick & Company supplies all of the products your company needs for hazardous materials tracking and safety labeling. We have a complete line of hazmat placards and dangerous goods labels for hazardous materials so your company can operate safely and in full compliance with regulations for hazardous material management.

In addition to hazard labels and hazardous waste label products, we also supply RFID tags and labels for hazardous materials tracking. Our RFID labels and tags are designed for use under extreme conditions for reliability in your tracking system.

Our RB02 anti-corrosion metal mount RFID tag has a ceramic casing and strong adhesive backing. It is ideal for marking containers carrying corrosive chemicals. It can be attached to drums and high pressure tanks for HAZMAT tracking anywhere along the supply chain. You can use this tag for monitoring HAZMAT containers from the source, along transportation routes, in storage and to waste disposal facilities.

Our EG02 high temperature metal mount RFID tag is ideal for hazardous materials tracking under extreme temperature conditions. The tag can be read when immersed in fluids and it can be mounted on the surface or imbedded into metals without impairing its performance. It can withstand temperatures up to 446 degrees F.

Our rugged SM-77B RFID tag is preprogrammed with a unique unalterable serial number for hazardous material management. Its sturdy black polycarbonate case is waterproof and resistant to harsh environments. It is ideal for use as a hazardous waste label. Our laser etched metal mount RFID tag is water and chemical resistant and can be mounted with screws or an adhesive backing.

Call our customer service representatives for more information about our hazardous material management and tracking products. We can help you with safety signs, hazard labels, tracking tags and any other marking products you need for your HAZMAT operations.

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