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Applications > Harsh Environments

Harsh Environment Labels and Markers

William Frick develops, manufactures, and markets specialty labeling products especially for harsh environments. Our products have survived:

   • Chemical baths
   • High Temperatures to 1000ºF or higher
   • High Impact and High Pressure
   • Decades of Outdoor and Ultraviolet Exposure

With our full line of harsh environment labels, tags, and markers, William Frick is the leader in durable custom identification. Frick products can be used to label utility poles, pedestals, cabinets, manufacturing components, and other products exposed to harsh environments.

Harsh environment Labels:

William Frick’s harsh environment labels feature heavy-duty polyester laminates, application specific adhesives, and heat-resistant materials such as polyimide. All harsh environment labels can be customized to your requirements: from custom graphically-pleasing messages to different sizes and shapes. Frick harsh environment labels can be encoded with barcode, alphanumeric identification, or serial information, available in a variety of read ranges.

Harsh environment RFID Tags:

William Frick harsh environment RFID tags are among the most durable in the world. Using patent-pending technology from TROI™, Frick’s harsh environment RFID tags are heat resistant (up to 600F), impact resistant, and chemical / solvent resistant. Some applications for Frick harsh environment RFID tags:

   • Embedded into concrete to label roads
   • Identify deep water oil drilling equipment
   • Labeling injection molding equipment

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