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Applications > Ground Level Marking

Ground Level Marking: Pavement Marking, Curb Markings

William Frick & Company supplies a complete line of ground level marking products to fit your company’s requirements. We have pavement markers and curb marking kits, utility markers, pole marking kits, durable outdoor signs, warning signs and other supplies you may need for marking your plant, equipment yard, construction site or permanent utility installations.

For pavement marking, we have orbital concrete markers, stamped washers with magnails for asphalt marking, and polypropylene pavement markers. Road markings using these products will last for years under tough working conditions. Our polypropylene markers have the custom message molded into the marker so it can’t be removed. The UV resistant material does not fade. Our magnail and stamped washer is imprinted with your custom information. It can be driven directly into asphalt or embedded in wet concrete. The magnetized nail makes locating easy even if the marker is covered with asphalt, concrete or dirt. Our orbital concrete marker, in aluminum or bronze, is made with your custom graphics or text on the face. It is embedded in wet concrete for permanent monument or pavement marking. Road markings using all of our products can be driven over without damage to their messages.

Our curb marking kit gives you everything you need to create permanent curb markings on concrete, asphalt, metal or polymer surfaces. When properly installed, the curb marking system can last over twenty years. Our durable outdoor signs and safety hazard signs come with standard designs or can carry your company’s custom graphics. Our signs, utility markers and pole marking kits are all manufactured with durable materials for long life under harsh conditions. Our signs and markers can withstand weather, traffic and constant sunlight exposure. Contact our customer service representatives to see how we can supply all of your ground level marking supplies.

User Wiki

Pavement Markings, May 21 2010

By: Michael

Normal paint can not be used for durable pavement markings because it is easily removed with either solvents or by abrasion. Use a Frick serialized curb marker or pavement marker for durable pavement markings.

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