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Applications > Forgery protection

Forgery Protection Labels and Anti-Forgery Measures

Document forgery and counterfeit product sales cost the world economy several hundred billion dollars per year. Trade in illicit products deprives governments of tax revenue, takes legitimate profits from industry and puts consumers at risk when they purchase counterfeit products bearing forged labels. Fake products made with substandard materials can harm consumers as well as the images of the legitimate brand owners who are victims of document forgery and intellectual property theft. Your company can protect its reputation and assure its customers that they are receiving high quality genuine products by implementing anti-forgery strategies at every step along the way from manufacture to product distribution and marketing.

William Frick & Company offers a complete line of products for forgery protection and inventory tracking. Our anti-forgery labels can discourage document forgery to ensure that your products reach your customers securely. Our brand security carton labels meet Wal-Mart’s requirements for container labeling and product marking. These non-transferable labels convey barcodes and other information on anti-counterfeit material for use in shipping, tracking and inventory control systems.

Our infrared authenticity security labels protect your documents, packaging and labels from counterfeiting to help prevent fraudulent use of your brand and products. These labels contain information that is visible only under infrared scanners so your customers can verify that they are taking delivery of genuine articles supplied by you. The tags carry IR sensitive verification codes, serial numbers and barcodes to establish authenticity and also to integrate with your company’s tracking and inventory control systems. Our premium security labels offer cost effective security for your documents and products to discourage forgery and counterfeiting. They contain dynamically generated microprint data on holographic images that cannot be easily removed or copied.

Contact our customer service representatives with any questions you may have about anti-forgery protection for your company’s products. We can help you devise an effective forgery protection system to keep your brand and products safe.

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