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End to End Supply Chain for Food and Drugs Tracking

Effective labeling and tracking for food and drugs is critical to your company’s ability to comply with regulations, to prevent theft and fraud, to ensure consumer safety and to optimize efficiency to improve your bottom line. Recent estimates claim that up to 7% of all drugs sold are counterfeit or otherwise substandard. Food and drug recalls cost industry millions of dollars annually. End to end supply chain tracking of drugs and food supplies can minimize theft and counterfeiting, make products subject to recalls easier to track and make compliance with drug pedigree tracking laws easier.

In order to ensure drug quality and authenticity, the FDA and many states have imposed regulations requiring pedigree tracking of drugs from manufacture to retail sale. Paper inventory management record keeping is subject to entry errors and fraud, so most drug companies have turned to electronic pharma supply chain tracking systems. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging and monitoring systems follow the drugs supply chain from raw ingredients through manufacture, shipping, storage and distribution all the way through the final retail sale.

Food producers need inexpensive tags to mark their products from the producers’ fields or pastures all the way to the grocery store shelf. Quality product labeling establishes brand recognition and loyalty while creating ease of compliance with regulations and potential product recalls.

William Frick & Company offers a complete line of products for food and drugs labeling, tracking and packaging. Our extra small metal mount RFID tags are ideal for end to end supply chain management of pharmaceuticals. Our food labels, packaging labels and packaging supplies are inexpensive and FDA compliant. Contact our customer service representatives to see how Frick can help you meet your product tracking and labeling needs.

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RFID Tags to Track Food and Drugs Tracking, May 21 2010

By: Michael

RFID Drugs Tracking

With President Obama's new health care reform bill, RFID in healthcare has gotten a large boost. Tracking drug containers using RFID is a safe and economical way to improve safety in a pharmacy or hospital. An end-to-end supply chain system can be created using Frick's RFID tags. Call today to see how.

RFID Tags to Track Foods

Pedigree tracking for foods is more important than ever. It is vital to know exactly where the food has been, what temperatures it has been exposed to, and how long it has been in transport. RFID systems can help track containers with accuracy. Track temperatures, locations, and even time of transport using Frick's RFID systems.

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