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Applications > Electronic Equipment & Devices

Electronic Equipment & Devices Labels

William Frick & Company supplies a wide variety of labels for electronic equipment and devices. We offer supplies for electronic tagging of parts and equipment for inventory control, shipping tracking and theft deterrence. Our catalog of electronics parts labels has the solution for any labeling application in electronic equipment manufacturing, retail sales or for companies that need to manage their in-house electronic equipment and devices inventory and usage.

We provide radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and labels for your internal security and tracking systems. You can use RFID tags for container identification and tracking, for theft deterrence on easily moveable equipment in your storage yard or manufacturing facility, or for inventory management and control. The most visible use of RFID tagging systems is in retail stores that place security tags on merchandise that are removed or deactivated upon sale.

For electronic equipment manufacturers, we have labels for components and assembled products applicable to every situation. We have polyimide labels for high temperature applications on circuit boards to carry barcodes, serial numbers or other information. We have laminated tamper evident security labels that are durable under harsh conditions. Our inexpensive polyester labels are chemical and abrasion resistant and can be printed on site. We manufacture custom nameplates and domed labels to draw attention to your name or trademark. We can supply screen printed control panel overlays, EMI patch labels, flame retardant insulators and UL approved labels.

If your company needs RFID tags or labels for electronic equipment and devices, William Frick & Company has a product that will fit your requirements. Call our customer service representatives to discuss your situation and we will help you select the labels and tags that you need today.

User Wiki

Equipment Labels and Electronics Labels, May 21 2010

By: Michael

Equipment devices such as routers and computers can be properly tagged using an electronic label or barcode. The requirements are non-conducting, non-interfering equipment labels. These electronics labels can also include RFID as an additional asset tracking functionality

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