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EMI RFI Shielding, EMI Tape

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called radio frequency interference (RFI) comes from electric an electronic devices that produce rapidly changing electromagnetic fields. EMI can interfere with the proper operation of computers, cell phones, television and other electronic equipment that picks up the extraneous signals and can not filter them out. There are many sources of EMI in a typical home or work space, including data cables, modems, electronic insect control devices and any tools or appliances that use alternating current electric motors.

FCC regulations allow industry to formulate its own standards for controlling EMI from electronic and electrical devices. AM radio receivers are among the most readily noticeable devices subject to EMI or RFI transmissions. The static on an AM radio from lightning or power lines is the result of EMI that can’t be filtered by the AM radio circuits.

Most modern devices are effectively EMI shielded, but sometimes design or manufacturing flaws allow unacceptable levels of EMI radiation or conduction. Printed circuit boards are common sources of EMI. EMI can be effectively shielded using a variety of strategies, including EMI tape for EMI grounding, changing the arrangement of components, using conductive gaskets and shielding of trouble spots using conductive materials.

William Frick & Company offers simple EMI solutions for manufacturers and end users of devices that have problems with transmitting or receiving unwanted signals. Our EMI patch labels are thin copper strips mounted on adhesive strips similar to adhesive bandages. They can be positioned with the copper conducting strip positioned over the offending component to shield EMI exit or entry. With their flexibility and high performance adhesive on polyester flaps, these EMI patches can be properly positioned in tight spot and on irregular shapes for effective EMI shielding. Call our customer service representatives for more information about our products and your EMI RFI shielding requirements.

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