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Applications > Do-It-Yourself Address Marking

Do-It-Yourself Address Marking

There are many reasons you should have your home or business well marked with street address numbers and other information. Having stenciled address numbers painted in black and white on the curb in front of your house, or small stick-on numbers affixed to your mailbox may not be adequate in the event of an emergency. First responders such as fire, police and emergency medical personnel need to be able to find your house in the dark and in bad weather quickly. Do-it-yourself address marking with big reflective numbers and reflective letters marking your house could make a big difference in an emergency.

Having your business well marked can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Pavement marking to control traffic flow and define parking areas can keep shipping and delivery operations running smoothly. Suppliers and contractors will not lose valuable time or interfere with your operations if your facility is well marked. Company safety can be enhanced with reflective marking on heavy equipment, hazardous materials and safety supplies. Your customers can find you more easily if you have big reflective numbers and reflective letters on your storefront or office building to let them know where you are.

William Frick & Company offers excellent products to help with do-it-yourself address marking. We have aluminum, plastic, or reflective lettering and numbering kits. Our reflective outdoor labels and stickers are made with the same material that coats reflective highway signs and safety markers. They are custom printable to your specifications. They are laminated to provide up to seven years of ultraviolet protection. Our labels are resistant to extreme temperatures in summer and winter, they are resistant to chemicals and abrasion and they stick extremely well to metal and glass surfaces. Call our customer service representatives for suggestions on how you can use our products for your do-it-yourself address marking requirements.

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