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Applications > Department of Defense UID labels

Department of Defense UID labels, MIL STD 130

UID labels can be complex for new DoD contractors, but William Frick is here to help. The numbering system by which they are produced must not only provide identification numbers for all existing products, but for ones that may be invented in the future. The MIL STD 130 system was developed in the 1960s and has seen only minor updates in the intervening decades, mostly to add new categories. This system is most commonly seen in DOD UID labels, which have since become both a military and civilian standard. In 2005 a barcode system was also added, in order to facilitate quicker inventory and procurement practices. The MIL STD 130 as it is currently applied can be found in all UID labels, regardless of the company which produced them.

In order to help companies who wish to take military contracts or sell military goods, we offer a wide array of UID labels which fit the strictest of MIL-STD 130 standards and regulations. Years of experience when it comes to outsourcing labeling and logistics allow us to construct labels of the finest quality. We know how difficult it is to ensure that everything is properly labeled for military procurement, and have years of experience in providing safe, effective and accurate labels to our customers. Our labels have the sort of tough, rugged nature that you would expect from military-grade labels, and can be designed to fit on almost any item that the military would need to procure. They are long lasting and made of material that ensures the MIL-STD 130 code will not be rubbed off during use. We can even help you determine the codes necessary for your labels when introducing new products, and in setting up direct part marking programs.

UID marking is an essential part of any military-based business and we understand the needs of military contractors very well thanks to many years of experience in the field. We know well the results of improperly or poorly manufactured UID labels and do everything possible to ensure that our labels not only fit existing MIL-STD 130 rules and regulations, but that they are of the finest quality and construction. We vouch for the accuracy of our labels and their dependability, and stand behind them with excellent customer service as well as years of proven expereince. Our ability to meet stringent military demands ensures that we are your go-to source when it comes to outsourcing your UID labels.

User Wiki

MIL STD 130 for UID Marking, May 6 2010

By: Danielle

MIL STD 130 is a standard that is mandated by the Department of Defense for any item to be UID compliant. Also known as MIL-STD-130, this standard allows for marking or printing the UID symbols in a label or nameplate. This standard can be easily incorporated with any product. As per the DoD mandate, all assets and personal properties including assets in the possession of the contractors must be marked with a unique serialized identification number in compliant with MIL-STD-130.

Unique Identifier (UID)

Unique identifier (UID), also referred as Item Unique Identification (IUID) in the DoD terminology, marks all tangible items in the form of a number, character string, or sequence of bits that characterize separate entity or its relevant attribute that uniquely distinguish it from other entities. Every unique identifier can have only one occurrence within its scope of use. The IUID is physically marked using labels, nameplates, or etched on tangible assets with the use of a 2D data matrix with ISO 15434 formats.

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