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Applications > Critical Warning and Safety

Critical Warning and Safety Products

These products are for use in highly dangerous situations. William Frick critical warning and safety products are always extremely durable, highly visible, and contain clear concise messages.

Critical Warning and Safety Utility Markers and Tags

Make your cables, poles and other outdoor assets clearly visible with our array of critical warning utility markers and tags. Surviving severe weather, these tags and utility markers are built to surpass harsh conditions. A simple solution to ensuring your workers and the public are aware of hazardous environments.

Safety Flags

Prevent the accident from occurring before it starts! Alert your workers and public of potential hazards to avoid accidents with these durable safety flags. Available with your choice of headers and messages, these safety flags can be used on fences, towers, or anywhere that danger may occur.

ANSI, NEMA Safety Signs
Safety Labels

Signs can immediately inform others of potential dangers.
Available in Aluminum, Polyethylene, Lexan, fiberglass, and porcelain on steel,
these signs can be utilized anywhere and are able to customized to fit your
needs. Protect your employees and the public with safety labels. Clear and
long-lasting, they can easily convey your message and can be produced with a
variety of standard symbols, headers and messages. Our sign and labels are
pre-approved and conform to all current ANSI/NEMA and OSHA guidelines.

Workplace Safety Posters

OSHA compliant safety posters help to protect workers from
accident and save you money in insurance and workers compensation costs. 
William Frick specializes in ANSI, NEMA, and OSHA compliant messages that can be
tailored to your specific application.  Posters are available in any
language.  We have native Spanish, French, and Chinese speakers on hand to
ensure the perfect safety message translation.  Choose from a large
selection of premade and custom safety posters.

User Wiki

Critical Warning Signs, May 21 2010

By: Michael

Critical safety products such as OSHA warning signs are a must. Other than facing harsh penalties and litigation for failure to have such OSHA products around the workplace, worker accidents are a major cost.

Worker safety can be easily improved with critical warning labels and critical safety signs from William Frick.

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