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Container Tagging

A reliable container tracking system is crucial to every manufacturing and distribution operation. Computerized inventory management systems can improve your company’s bottom line by streamlining parts and equipment movement in manufacturing, reducing labor costs in shipping tracking and warehouse management, as well as in reducing fraud and theft at every step along the line from product manufacture to retail sale.

Shipping tags and container tags can be created using a variety of technologies. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging systems offer tremendous versatility in inventory management and shipping tracking. RFID tags can be used as container tags and shipping tags both inside and outside of packing materials and can be read by radio frequency scanners that do not require line of sight access to the tags for reading. Barcode labeling systems are less expensive than RFID systems, but they require line of sight reading of labels on the outside of shipping containers. The system that is best suited to your company’s operations depends upon the factors unique to your container tracking needs.

William Frick & Company offers a wide variety of shipping tags for container tracking systems. We have a complete line of RFID tags. We have RFID tags on weldable metal strips, silicone coated wire RFID tags, security RFID tags, metal mount RFID tags with or without screw holes, and impact resistant RFID tags. We have a full line of barcode labels for shipping tracking. Our barcode shipping tags include extremely heavy duty labels, high adhesive labels and secure carton labels. William Frick & Company container tags will be a key part of your company’s tracking, inventory management, anti-theft and anti-counterfeit authenticity verification systems. Call our representatives today for help designing the container tracking system that will work best for your company in today’s competitive economy.

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