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Construction Safety Equipment

Construction Safety Signs and Labels

William Frick & Co. can supply your needs for safety equipment for use on the job site. We have a wide selection of safety signs, warning labels, and other safety supplies vital to your construction safety management program. Frick, for 35 years, has been the industry leader in OSHA compliant construction safety signs. Our products are built to be outdoor durable, lasting up to 30 years.

Construction Safety Products

Additionally, We carry grounds flags, concrete markers, and safety labels to assist your construction safety program. Read about our Boom Raised Flags in the press.

Another standout safety product is our hard hat emergency label.

Call us today for a jobsite construction safety checklist or a free analysis of your safety program.

RFID in Construction for Asset Tracking

Our RFID tagging products enable you to use modern communications and computer technology to improve your bottom line. Durable and impact resistant, our RFID tags are made for every application on the construction site. RFID technology can streamline your construction projects in a variety of ways:

- Control access to your equipment yard and construction site with RFID systems.

- Tag tools and easily transportable equipment for theft deterrence. Track the location of key assets in real time for efficient deployment.

- Manage inventory entering and leaving your yard site, and track materials every step of the way from the supplier to you.

- Use RFID tracking for better safety management. Tag personnel in high risk environments. Use RFID to manage radioactive and other hazardous materials.

RFID has significant advantages over bar coding technologies. RFID tags do not require line of sight access for reading, so they can be imbedded in invisible locations, inside packaging, or anywhere out of the way on materials and tools. They can carry information critical to the construction project that is readable online at the site, including blueprints and installation information. Automatic readers reduce labor costs and computerized data management streamlines materials management and project logistics.

Frick can supply all of your construction signage and tagging needs. Call our sales representatives today to equip your site with markers and labels for safety and RFID systems for project efficiency.

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