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Safety is very important to everyone, but they are most important to those of us who deal with Electric and other dangerous elements every day. As you take a walk down to the city, you may see a lot of safety warnings and messages. One way to relay safety tips and messages in the field is through OSHA compliant cabinet labels. Our high voltage labels and other critical warning labels come in a variety of materials used, shapes, and sizes. Our messages are preconfigured to be highly visible and OSHA compliant. In addition, Frick's cabinet labels and warning signs are outdoor durable for decades.

A few well-placed cabinet labels can cheaply and effectively notify workers of hazardous conditions and dangerous elements. Using these labels can make the difference between a tragedy and a job well done. At William Frick, we offer electric cabinet warning labels with UV protection, waterproof constructions, or abrasion resistant materials. We also offer solvent or chemical resistant cabinet warning labels for special situations. An experienced consultant can help you find the most cost effective yet durable warning label for your business.

There are many kinds of cabinets, and these labels are specially made to stick to whatever the surface. While it is always a good idea to clean off the cabinet surface before application, we offer adhesives that bind to metal, plastics, concrete, and more. We guarantee that our products will last years in the field, and save lives, year after year.

Our labels for electric utilities and for large substation cabinets can be custom made to include your corporate message and logo information too.

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Cabinet Labeling Labels, May 21 2010

By: Michael

These cabinet labels can be used as electric warning labels near transformers and other high voltage equipment. As all critical warning labels should be, Frick's products are OSHA compliant, and they are updated annually with the newest in safety features. Cabinet labeling can help save lives.

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