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Applications > Barcode Labeling

Barcode Labeling

Barcode labeling is indispensible to the world’s economy. Barcodes are used in every phase of commerce, from manufacturing, to product tracking and shipping, to warehouse management, to retail inventory control and sales at the checkout counter. A barcode system includes a universal product code applied to a label in the form of unique patterns of lines or other symbols, an optical scanner that reads the barcode and computer software for managing the information read by the scanner. When the scanner transmits the barcodes UPC from the barcode label to the computer system, the software can record sales, track products and authenticate products. The system can determine which products to re-order and decide which ones to delay ordering, among many other possible accounting and management functions.

Barcodes were first used for tracking railroad cars, but became commercially successful with the introduction of barcode checkout systems in grocery stores. Today barcode labeling is used almost everywhere goods are manufactured, transported and sold. They are used on anti-fraud labels to authenticate imported goods, on packaging to convey information about origin and nature of package contents, on equipment identifying labels with serial numbers, on legal documents and on retail goods ready for sale to consumers. Barcode systems are inexpensive to implement relative to other labeling and tracking technologies.

William Frick & Company can help you implement a barcode labeling system for your manufacturing, transportation, wholesale or retail operation. We have labels and label making systems for every asset barcode application. We supply variable data labels, color coded labeling systems, laminated destructible tamper evident labels, super adhesive labels, polyester labels and other barcode labeling supplies. For information about how to buy barcode scanners and barcode labels to equip your company’s product control system, call our customer service representatives today.

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